Show at Revolutions Coffee in Greenlake: A Combination of Two of My Favorite Things

Now hanging at Revolutions Coffee in Greenlake [208 East Green Lake Drive North
eattle, WA 98115
]! Art + coffee: a fantastic combination - though less likely to convince you into a sale as art + booze would. No matter: go check it out!

This is a lovely little coffee shop in Greenlake, perfect for people watching and enjoying a damn fine cup of coffee. I've been "bugging" the nicest baristas I've ever met in my life to let me hang my art since last year this time (though I'm not sure if they remember this - all the better for me!) but this has come at a perfect time. People are spending more time inside now that the weather is turning, and starting to think about the Holidays.

An aside: Have you started thinking about the Holidays? I know someone who makes things for people...

I've found space for 7 of my digital paintings on the walls at Revolutions Coffee. I decided to show more of my digital work this time - rather than my colored pencil pieces- as I've found that there is more intrigue with the digital media and pen and ink - though I'm yet to show any of those. While I was hanging, I had a some interested people inquire on the medium of the pieces. Many thought it was watercolor, which is an interesting perspective to hear. I'm so used to getting (mostly positive) feedback from my immediate circle of family and friends that I really enjoy hearing what strangers think.

Must. Do. This. More.

 The show will be up for a bit. There was a delay in getting it up on the wall, as I've relocated from Fremont to Ballard in what seemed to be a never-ending move. 

Let me know what you think, if you go check it out!