Here you may find some helpful answers to your potential questions. If not, please message me!

Can I make copies of the print/original piece you made me?

  • NO. That’s not cool. And kinda illegal.

Why don’t you ship anywhere other than the US?

  • I do- but currently my website is not set-up for international shipping. If you’d like to order something, send me a message, and I’ll calculate the shipping costs for you.

Do you draw people?

  • I really try not to and I don’t particularly enjoy it. I find drawing plants and animals far more enjoyable. If you do ask for a human portrait, I may refer you to another artist.

Will you draw my pet?

  • Heck yes! See more information below.

Commissions: How do they work?

  • Process: I like to ask for multiple photographs of the subject which capture the animal’s/pet’s personality and expression. Before getting started in color, I send a line drawing which outlines the composition (posture, expression, placement on page). At this time adjustments can be made, and once the line drawing is approved by you, I get started in the medium and size you prefer. 

  • Pricing: I currently charge $30 (as of February 2019) per hour on commissions plus materials needed at cost and shipping. I meticulously keep tabs on time spent on projects, and send clients an invoice which breakdowns of how long the commission takes.  I can usually estimate how long a project will take based on size and medium. I do ask for half of the estimated commission (similar to a deposit) when I show you the line drawing and the rest when the project is completed. Please understand that commissions may take longer, so the end price may be more than half, but I will communicate this with you.

  • Surface: I generally leave this up to you. I enjoy working on wooden panels, hot press watercolor paper, and canvas, but I welcome other suggestions! Size is also up to you; however, I don’t like to go smaller than 6 x 6 - you lose a lot of details!

  • Medium: I also leave this up to you. My preferred mediums are pen and loose India ink, watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil.

  • Timeline: As you know, art takes time. Please clearly indicate when you wish to have your commissioned piece completed, as timelines are essential. Take in mind, if you’re not in Seattle, it will need to be shipped!

  • Payment: I accept PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp.

Do you teach any classes or workshops?

  • In development! I’d really like to know what people would be interested in learning with me, so let me know!